PSD2: Focusing on
Action with Open APIs

What banks can do to build
an Open Banking Platform now


What is PSD2?

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a new European-wide regulation that requires European banks to make it easier to share customer transaction and account data (where the customer has given their consent) with Third Party Providers, including fintech and retail businesses, telecommunications providers, payments services, and financial account aggregators.

Introducing open APIs to meet PSD2 obligations offer an innovation opportunity for banks that want to become more customer-centric. Open APIs will help banks to create new digital products and to build an ecosystem of partnerships that will better serve them to deliver on their core mission: protecting finances and helping customers build wealth.

Report: PSD2: Focusing on Action with Open APIs

The Open Bank Project's PSD2: Focusing on Action with Open APIs Report looks at what a bank can do now to prepare for the PSD2 regulations, and how to seize this opportunity to become a leader in creating an open banking platform.

Try out the Open Bank Project PSD2 API Sandbox

The Open Bank Project PSD2 API sandbox creates an avenue for banks to securely share information that can help customers access bank services (such as a list of branch and ATM locations), and a catalogue of the bank's products. A second layer of APIs have also been created, aimed at providing data on the customer's list of cards, accounts and transaction history. Authentication processes within the APIs make sure only authorised access is opened where a customer has given consent.


Building Apps with Open Bank Project's APIs

Already banks and fintech are building a new generation  of financial management and banking services apps using Open Bank Project's APIs.

Banks can leverage our PSD2 APIs to quickly build a thriving ecosystem of fintech partnerships as well as innovate internally by building new digital products.



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